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Natural-Pop/ Neo-Soul describes the sound of Karissa LaRen as she translates moments of clarity, chaos, and honesty into song. LaRen teamed up with producer Stephen Joseph Antonelli to write her debut album, 'We Are The Sounds', mixed by Jeff Juliano (John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews)

With a Mother from NYC and a Father from an island in Alaska, where LaRen was born, Karissa was bred by diversity and born into adventure. Her journeys include helping the Katrina victims of New Orleans, serving the HIV community in Baltimore, working with the orphans of Liberia and so on. Most recently, Karissa created an initiative with Parks & People to grow edible gardens at city schools through record sales and fearless love. LaRen's love for many cultures and her thirst for life become evident in the treasured perspectives of her song writing and her stage performances.

LaRen's achingly beautiful voice is accompanied by her rhythmic skills on the guitar and drums. "I find myself writing to the drums more than anything. When I feel a certain flow and am being honest with myself, it's as if the song creates itself." says LaRen.

As you sing along with Karissa LaRen, she will slip her hand in yours, and you will be joined in the sounds of life from all over the world.


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